Our club have 1 year old!

Us year. year very difficult. Challenging year. in the country of revolution, war, terrorism, economic crisis. in spite of all this, we’re still together. in spite of all the external negative factors we find time and energy to meet, communicate, engage in a favorite hobby.
We have only the year, but during that time we have done very much. We become friends. Those who decided, in spite of everything, to stay in the team and those who came later. we have created a collective radio station and established themselves on the air. Increasingly work in contests. We went on an expedition. Fruitfully worked and perfectly rest we started development of the Club’s facilities. We hope that our ‘first swallow’-electric generator will serve faithfully for many years.

We have a whole year, and I want to do so much more. it is much more often meet and much more time to give the radio. it would be desirable, that kollektivka not stopped even for a moment. I want to win in all competitions. it would be desirable to go on an expedition, at least once a month. it would be desirable that we all were and we were nothing for it:-) hope that next year will bring us new progress, new members of the Club, and of course, without losses. still, 1 year-round date! happy birthday, Kiev Central Radio Club!

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