Public organization «Kiev Central Radio Club» is a nonprofit nonbusiness association established in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine «On Public Associations», which unites citizens on the basis of commonality of interests of its members for realization of purpose established by the Charter. Organization is created and operates on principles of voluntar iness, equal rights of members under the law, self-government, legality, electivity and accountability of governing bodies, free choice of activity area, absence of its members’ property interest, transparency, openness and publicity.


The primary purpose of Organization is to fulfill the personal interest of radio amateur and to assist in citizens’ self-realization and technology awareness regarding hamradio and radiosport, as well as to provide with legal assistance, carry out ecological, healthful, amateur, sporting, cultural, educational, research and scientific activities.

Activity areas

In order to achieve its purpose the Club carries out activities in the followings areas:

  • spread of scientific and technical knowledge concerning hamradio and radiosport;
  • development of amateur radio contact and radiosport;
  • support for members on any matter concerning carrying out hamradio and radiosporting activity;
  • provision its members with hamradio information in any form;
  • study, research, development and use of new technologies and types of radio contact;
  • collaboration with public authorities regarding organization and development of radio contact and radiosport;
  • development of technical creativity of children and youth;
  • social rehabilitation of citizens with disabilities;
  • organization of ecological and healthful occasions.

The list of abovementioned areas is not exhaustive. Organization carries out activity in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine «On Public Associations, current legislation of Ukraine and the Charter.