(Русский) Работа с фидерами и разъемами.

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(Русский) Изоляторы УКВ антенн.

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Calibrate tuner LDG AT-11MP

We present you a film about the tuning of the node of the meter of the forward and reverse power in the tuner LDG AT-11MP.
The tuner is provided by UT3UIQ.
The second half of the film is dedicated to radio amateurs for general development and understanding of the losses in the transformation in the tuner.

Measuring Performance of amateur radio transceivers

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Antenna 431,5MHz to work through repeaters

There was a task to develop a compact antenna with a boom length of no more than 2 meters, in the range of 70cm to work through the repeater spacing in frequency -7.6 MHz.
Terms on the line between reporter and repeater 70km and overlap on the terrain.

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Spectrum of FM signal’s


IARU Field Day 2016 July

We offer you view a film about the field day held in the framework of competitions “Karpatian dali” and “IARU Field Day” on VHF and UHF bands.
Working in conditions of mountains as well as the weather that presents the test, but still can not stop us.

Memorial contest “Chalapko” UT5EU 2016

We offer you view a movie on carrying out the contest.
We talk about our setups and antennas built project Martin DK7ZB.

HamFest Suvid 05.2016

“The match will take place in any weather” – the motto was present Suvid HAMFest. And despite the fact that all Saturday drizzling rain, the festival was a success. After all, our brother – ham not scare such trifles. Proper clothing and positive attitude predetermined the success of the event.

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Contest (Spring 2016)

Kiev Central Radio is video sketches about the preparation and participation of the collective radio UT4UWE (UW4U) in three competitions –
“VHF spring contest UT0YO” and “IARU region 1 2nd tour”.
In our view, this little clip is well conveys the atmosphere and the spirit of amateur competition on VHF.
All participants of the competition thanks and see you in the next round.